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Prodomme Questions

Questions for Edmonton Dominatrix and Visiting Mistresses

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Can you tell me what will happen in a session?

No. Every session is different and your reactions will definitely inspire your own unique outcome. I am very spontaneous and things can change.  If you need a specific scenario, you may send one for my approval.

How much for...?

Asking a price, for a specific service, is illegal in Canada.  Tribute is for my time only.  Send me a fetish checklist, and if our interests do not match, I will recommend someone else.

Do you offer fs or switching?

No. However, I do partner with other ladies who might provide a mixed session.

Are you looking for a personal slave, to play for free with?

No.  Personal slaves should be service oriented and useful.  The one's who approach me are usually needy and would selfishly take up all my free time. Most of my clients will usually do whatever I enjoy.  I have many client appreciation, off the clock events, for loyal slaves.

Studio girls told me that I am attractive...will you spend extra time with me, for free?

Your perceived attractiveness has very little to do with whether I enjoy playing with you.  Don't assume that I that I have conventional taste, that I am that shallow, or that you can exploit it for your own gain.  I understand that ladies, in other areas of the industry are paid to make you feel sexy, but some people really let it go to their head.  Some of the most beautiful people are humble and modest.

Do you see clients under the age of 25?

Absolutely, as long as you are not a rude, pushy, annoying spazz, when you approach me.  Polite young men, over 18,  are most welcome.

Why don't you have fake nails?

They would interfere with my heavier bondage work. Putting poison on my body, to impress other people, really isn't my style.

Are your boobs real and how big are they?

Yes, 100%.  I am between a 40H/42G most of the time.

What types of gifts do you like?

Gift cards for Planet Organic, Guess, Winners, Save-on Foods are nice.  If you wish to contribute to my bra collection, Additionelle now carries H-cup bras.  Gloves, condoms, lube and AA or AAA batteries are helpful.

Is there anything you haven't done, that you would like try?

Waterboarding was one thing, but I have done it. 

Do you offer manual release?

No.  I do enjoy being in control and have many amazing devices and ways to make you explode, without even touching you.  That leaves me free to move around and play. Please google the Venus 2000 for more information.

Do you accept female clients?

Yes.  Same rules apply.

Why do you require screening or references?

Massage studios have security cameras and many escorts have drivers or bodyguards, for their safety. I do not value my security any less than they do. 

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

No. I like them, but I don't have any.

What do you like most in a session?

Bondage, cbt, sissification, electro, gadgets, machines, whipping, caning, humiliation, medical and various types of mind games.  A responsive victim.  Someone who is respectful and follows orders well. 

Do you ever date clients?

No, I enjoy having interests outside of bdsm and prefer someone that also does. 

Are you hiring?

Not usually.  I have a preferred duo partner or a visiting domme.

Why don't you offer sexual services?

I can honestly say that I have had some really amazing lovers, and a very fulfilling sex life.  I would never ruin those memories by having sex strictly for money, or with people that I don't have any chemistry with.  I enjoy sex far too much to have it on someone else's terms.  It is not about being better than an escort, moralizing or judging anyone.  I am mentally aroused by being in control, rather than sexually aroused by it.

What made you become a domme?

I am a creative, pervert and sadist, who enjoys pushing my own psychological limits, as well as those of others.  I enjoy the reactions of my subjects and seeing them leave in a great mood.  Each day is different and I meet some very nice people.

How much notice do you require?

I require at least 24 hours notice for new applicants.  Returning visitors may book with at least 2 hours notice.

I have no experience/references. Can we met in a public place, so you can see that I am safe?

No.  You might be a great guy, but I have never heard of a serial killer who couldn't get past a coffee date. I have many screening options.  If you can't fulfill any of them, you may rent a hotel room, of my choosing, for your first session.

We have never met before. Can I come watch a session?

My clients value their privacy.  If you are not a trusted client, the answer would be no.

Can I book a session with you and your duo partner, as submissives, if I pay extra?

No. I am always in charge.  I simply don't have the demeanor for submission or escort work. My duo partner is usually flexible.

You are an intelligent, fascinating woman. May I take you to dinner?

I am not an escort and do not offer dinner dates, however I may share a meal with you if we happen to get along. I do not charge for my time, in this case.

Do you allow oral servitude?

I may occasionally allow limited body worship, such as foot, armpit and ass, but not daty or dato. Please book a duo with sub if this is what you seek.

How do you deal with no shows?

In the 9+ years of being a full time prodomme, I dont think I have ever had a no show. I have an excellent flake, psycho, asshole and nutjob filter. I know exactly what buttons to push, when I want to see someone's true colors.

Do you offer "fly me to you"?

No, I only offer "fly your ass to me" at this time.