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Contact me with your questions, interests and previous experience in femdom, bdsm and fetish play, including the names of mistresses you have served, in Edmonton or other cities.  Use the booking form when you are ready to proceed.

Understand that I am a lifestyle mistress, in the Edmonton area, and do not offer services for payment.  Tribute is for my time only.  If I do not share your interests, or you do not share mine, I will not agree to meet with you.  I will be happy to recommend someone, in Edmonton, if we are not a good match.

In most cases, I choose to meet with those who have previous experience or references from reputable or well known service providers or dommes, in the Edmonton area or any other citiy.  Most escorts require your real name, work information and a phone number, at the very least.  I have no interest in your personal details, other than to ensure a safe time for all.  Look at it this way... if a mistress is not concerned about her own safety, how can you trust her with yours?  I value and provide the highest level of discretion and I expect the same from those who see me.

I will consider seeing submissives and fetishists who have experience with well known Edmonton providers, such as:

Miss Shannon, Mistress Talon, Jasmin, Mistress Patricia, Domina Pandora, Lust for Lilith, Lola Lexington, Mistress Morganna, Mistress Carmelina, Miss Jaddah, Mistress Mona, Mistress Desire, Mistress Andalou, Mistress Vikki, Mistress Raven and Rouge, or any Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver touring domme, including  Lalani Electrica, Miss Jasmine(Eurasian Persuasion) or Mistress Kandy from Club Stiletto, or any Escort who is willing to give you a reference for being safe, sane and provider friendly. Your discretion and privacy are always a priority and I expect the same.  I have exchanged references with prodommes as far away as Arizona.  It helps keeps everyone safe, without compromising your personal privacy,

Novices who are unable to provide a reference may submit other screening information on the booking form.


I do not need to mark you in order to leave a lasting impression


but I am happy to, if you are worthy.


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